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 My motto is "Clear Your Clutter ~ Shift Your Life"


I have been organizing people's homes, offices and businesses since 1994. I began my career when several friends commented on how well organized I was with my belongings and my personal space. They asked me to help them organize their homes and offices.

What originally was a favor turned into a profession.

I have a natural knack for assessing a space and then determining what can be done to transform it.

I listen to my clients concerns and work with them to address their personal, specific needs through innovative solutions and actions.

I take pride in my work and find it incredibly rewarding to transform a space that is disorganized, neglected or cluttered and turn it into a more graceful, harmonic, beautiful and functional environment.

Often my clients remark just how happy and “light” they feel after their home has been organized. They experience working with greater ease and efficiency.

Organizing work is a skill and it takes a professional like myself to understand what works and doesn't work. 

I have over 25 years experience as a trained Life and Business Coach having mentored with Patricia McDade of Consulting Alliance. Coaching my clients is a big part of the decluttering process as emotions and personal issues may crop up.

In a world that is increasingly chaotic and overwhelming, an organized home can and does make a tremendous difference in people's lives. 

I have witnessed clients attract more money, create new relationships, offered new jobs with higher pay, all as a result after clearing out clutter and gaining clarity in their lives.


“A de-cluttered home makes for a harmonious and successful life”