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Every time I walked through my garage into my home I felt terrible because it was such a mess. 
Kari spent ONLY one day with me decluttering and organizing.
It was like magic. 
Now I have a new room to play in.
Thank you so much!!!
     ~ Bonnie Walner, Interior Designer, Sonoma, CA

Hi Kari,

Thank you for the work you did yesterday. Such a contribution to our family! 

I am always thrilled to have you come. 

     ~Jill W. , Berkeley, CA

You gave me some advice to move the cooking books out, move food from the counter, so there was more counter meal prep space.

Shelving with Blender and basket on top is where the top 2 rows were 85% books. 

Now the  books are on a new shelf unit above the dishwasher.

I had to consider the hurdle of moving the books away from my constant gaze, and accept the fact that it hadn't inspired me to open them and use them!

So moving them created a terrific ability to have more prep space. Now two of us have plenty of space to create together or individually. And I feel like there is so much more breathing room! 

    ~ Rebecca H., Rome, Italy

Kari, Thank you again! Not only did you help me clean out a lot of things to go places I would not have thought of, but you made an emotionally difficult task much easier.

    ~ Judith W., Sonoma, CA 


It was really nice meeting you and working together on Monday! I really appreciated it and I learned a lot! You were super helpful in helping me to find out what can go and should go and what the keepers are!! 
Thank you so much again,
    ~ Margrit H., Sebastopol, CA


Thank you so much! I am loving the garage in its much-improved state. 

    ~ Beth D., Napa

Dearest Kari;  Thanks AGAIN for helping make our dreams come true!!!  You have been so sweet, helpful, efficient and fun!  And, we’ve made a true friend!  So happy we got through all the packing in such a delightful easy way -thanks to you🤩‼️You rock🤗 

    ~Peter & Jared Drake, Marin County, CA

So glad we finally bit the bullet and had you come out for your expertise in organizing!  

We have a plan - thanks to you!  and it has been approved!

We are proceeding, as planned with the layout and have been busy searching for the right furniture. It's pretty much there. With all your help, we are on track.

Thanks again for all your help!

   ~ Parkpoint Health Club, Sonoma, CA

You got me off to a great start and past one of the hardest parts for me.   

You were a great help!

   ~ LF, RN, CNS Performance Clinical Systems, Santa Rosa, CA


Hi Kari

Thank you so much for today!

I feel so much more spacious inside, grateful for this miracle of you!

Warmest regards,

   ~ Lori Goldman, Artist, Sonoma, CA


However just want to tell you that YOU have made an amazing DIFFERENCE in my life and how I manage my closet. My goodness, never knew what a difference that could make to my soul!!!!

   ~ Marilize Smit, Director Bulk Wine & Cased Goods Export , Napa, CA


I think we made it to the finish line on everything, and I so much appreciate your help.

We sure appreciate all that you have helped us with!

   ~ Peter Drake, Greenbrae, CA


Thank you for today. Wow what a miraculous day! You are a pro!

   ~ Eve B. Crowe


Kari is a dream come true. I have used a few organizers over the years and Kari is the absolute BEST! She is fast, efficient and doesn't dilly-dally or get distracted by talking. She is gentle, kind and has no judgment of all my junk. She has tons of good organizational ideas and access to storage containers galore. She will even haul off your stuff to thrift stores and makes sure to leave you with a tidy space -- even if the project needs more attention. After she left I was in heaven. My house felt like it got a spiritual cleansing -- it felt and looked so good, and still does! Kari is like magic. When can you come again, Kari?!?

   ~ Tonia Lach, Massage Therapist, Sonoma, CA 


This was one of the best things I've ever done for myself... a huge weight has been lifted and I finally have some peace of mind. I'm truly relieved and elated now that my garage and paperwork are in order. Kari made the process so easy and painless, to the point of it being thoroughly enjoyable, which was completely unexpected. I can't explain how, but she made it all came together quickly and effectively. Throughout the process I felt perfectly safe, in control and confident in her guidance. She wasn't pushy or critical and offered gentle suggestions and helpful ideas to get and stay organized. I can't express how grateful I am. Kari's talents are worth every penny times 100!

Thank you Kari!

   ~ Laura, , Santa Rosa, CA


Thank you for all your help. I never could have done it without you.”

   ~ Polly Breckinridge, Sonoma, CA


I am very impressed with what you were able to get accomplished.

   ~ Bettina A. Sichel, General Manager & Partner - LAUREL GLEN VINEYARD

I found working with Kari so very, very helpful. First, she's an amazing listener, very focused, helps you get focused and clear on your priorities, has wonderful ideas, and really helps to take the overwhelm out of clutter clearing. I highly recommend her services!!

I’m doing well - and so happy to know that I have a wonderful person to call upon for support and help when I need it - that also gives me TREMENDOUS PEACE OF MIND. 

Thank you for everything, Kari!!  

You’re a gem. 

Much appreciation, 

    ~ Alex G., Mill Valley, CA


Thanks for all your help! It's so much easier to hit the to-do list when it's not a mile long. I feel so relaxed in the main living area!

Thanks again.

Kari was so great and helpful. With 3 kids and 2 adults things were out of control in the house. We went through every inch of the house and got it completely reorganized and purged!

    ~ Andrea M., Novato, CA


I'm super grateful for all of your work in getting my office to this point--Closet and laundry room, too!  You are a wizard, and please feel free to use me as an enthusiastic reference!

Thanks again for all your help,

    ~ Chris Finlay, Sonoma, CA 


Could not have been better. After virtually moving deck chairs on the Titanic for years, I was dreading having anyone *help* me with organizing things because, well, I just thought it was hopeless. But, Kari was so clear. She arrived. We got right to work. Things moved. I'm in much much better shape because of her. Can't wait to hire her for the next round.

    ~ Sally Rubin, Oakland, CA


Kari is pure magic. She swooped in and turned my perceived chaos into an absolute state of bliss!!! Now I love to open my desk drawers and cabinets where I find everything is beautifully in its place. I am looking forward to hiring her again in the very near future.

    ~Jamie Lerner, Barrington Hills, IL


Kari is a magician!!! She walked into clutter, and finished leaving everything in its place and easy to find. We also found items that mean a lot to me like jewelry and old coins. 

You will be so happy you called and let her unclutter your life.

    ~ Brenda S., Napa, CA


Thank you so so much for all of your support and kindness. I am sure you hear it often, but you really do have a gift and I so appreciate the way you guide with compassion and without judgment.

    ~ Holly Hansen, Sonoma, CA


"I was a bit overwhelmed with the task of reorganizing my home office to effectively serve my needs as a newly launched entrepreneur. Given everything on my plate I decided to call Kari to jump start my efforts and get me going in the right direction. What a wise investment. Kari showed up with her smiling face and can do attitude and within a few hours she had freed up closet space by rearranging the items on my shelves and helping me let go of unnecessary items. In addition she suggested a new floor plan for the office that I absolutely love. She left me with a list of suggestions to follow through on that I have completed and my office is now a place I look forward to being in. Thank you Kari!"

    ~ Marguerite Ladue, Sonoma, CA


I dont think I can express enough how thankful I am for ALL the help you have given me in this struggle to find my new house.  I appreciate that you are very patient and kind in some of the slow decision making. It is a NEW house now with a lot of Grandma's STUFF.  Thanks so much.  I will love you forever! You are a JOY!!!  

    ~ Jan Farhendorf, Sonoma, CA


I'm feeling pretty great about all you got done for me today, thank you! A functional kitchen! 

Isn't it funny how the inside of my cabinets can have me feeling "down" - the emotional thing you mentioned. 

I cannot function until things like this are off my mind. 

Thank you for figuring that out for me today! I am now motivated and feel like I have direction on what needs to be done, so excited! I can't wait to have you back, thank you.

    ~ Christina Hardin Danner, Occasional Cakes, Sonoma, CA


Kari Wishingrad is a lifesaver. I can't express how much she helped me organize everything - my home, my finances, my office. She paid for herself many times over by saving me money, redeeming rewards points, submitting long past reimbursement requests...you name it. I'd highly recommend Kari to anyone who is busy or just needs a second set of eyes and hands. She's discreet, mature, and goes way beyond simple organization, making great recommendations as well. 

    ~ Cassandra Vieten, nonprofit CEO, Novato, CA


"Kari was energetic, organized and a lot of fun to work with in a normally grueling task of dealing with your stuff.  She keeps you on task and is very supportive in helping you decide what to keep and what to jettison. Additionally she has suggestions for re-purposing, trading and selling some of your un-wanted items. Five stars for Kari."

    ~ Rick Bolen, Red Mango Media, Photographer, Sonoma, CA


Kari's organizing changed my life, seriously, I felt I had, had major surgery, that the gnarled and broken parts of me had been made whole…my life flowed after she organized my home, Kari is a marvelous human being and the ultimate organizer.

   ~ Carolyn Scott, Producer &Writer, Santa Rosa, CA


Kari Wishingrad saved my sanity.  Having a limited amount of time, and a seemingly unlimited amount of work to be done downsizing, I turned to Kari, who spent between 40 and 45 hours at my house working with me.  Now, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Meanwhile, I thank Kari so much for her sensitive and caring approach to getting rid of 40 years of clothing, hats, documents, and many other things I had collected.  I highly recommend her as an organizer who takes charge without being a bully.

    ~ Annie Scott Rogers, San Francisco, CA


I have been very pleased working with Kari as my home organizer.  To date we have tackled my office, garage and preparation for a staged move. Kari is insightful and energetic.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her.  These would have been stressful jobs if I had not had the support and organizational wizardry that Kari provided!

    ~ Sarah Martel, Nutritionist, Santa Rosa, CA


You are wonderful!! I'm already singing your praises to everyone I know!! Thanks for being so present, focused and for making it a very fun, liberating experience! I have space to breath and create again. My home is humming.

    ~ Susan Kisten, Sebastopol, CA


Kari is fantastic. Easy to work with. Knows when to push me to let things go and when to let me be. My mom and I have both worked with her for over two years. She helped me get rid of a storage container I wanted to relieve myself of for years. Every time we finished a project I felt like the weight was off my shoulders and I felt great. 

She is great at organizing. Not afraid to get her hands dirty and do hard work! I enjoyed chatting as we moved thru the jobs at hand. She helped organize my office. Kid toys and laundry room as well. She's great at this and enjoys doing it. 

    ~ AS., Designer, Mill Valley, CA


Kari has a talent for seeing what has to be done, and helping do it in a supportive manner. She respects the way the client feels about possessions, and gently guides the disposition of excess items in a manner in keeping with the client's priorities. In six days, she helped me halve forty five years of accumulation. I highly recommend her.                   

   ~ Ralph M., Oakland, CA

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